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Epilepsy Management

Epilepsy is a neurological condition that affects the brain and causes repeated seizures. The severity of seizures differs from person to person and may range from an odd feeling with no loss of awareness to lose consciousness and having convulsions.

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Causes of Epilepsy

Almost half of the cases of epilepsy have no known reason while other cases may have following reasons:

  • Genetic
  • Head trauma
  • Brain disorders like brain tumors or strokes
  • Infectious diseases, such as meningitis, AIDS and viral encephalitis
  • Prenatal injury
  • Developmental disorders, such as autism and neurofibromatosis


Following factors may increase any person’s risk of epilepsy:

  • Early childhood and after age 60
  • Family history
  • Head injuries
  • Stroke and other vascular diseases
  • Dementia
  • Brain infections
  • Seizures in childhood


Epilepsy is characterized by following signs and symptoms:

  • Temporary confusion
  • A continuous staring spell
  • Uncontrollable and involuntary jerking movements of the arms and legs
  • Loss of consciousness or awareness
  • Psychic symptoms


Epilepsy is most often diagnosed after more than one seizure and requires a complete description of seizure from the patient or someone who witnessed the event. In addition to this, diagnostic tests may also be carried out to determine the affected area of brain.

Treatment of Epilepsy

Mild or severe, every seizure requires treatment as it can be dangerous during activities such as driving or swimming. Treatment may include any of the following:

  • Anti-epileptic medications
  • Surgery

epilepsy treatment in chennai

Authored by Dr. Shyam Sundar K

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