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Spine Surgery

Spine surgery is recommended for individuals who have a problem with one or more disk in the spine (vertebrae).

Indications for Spine surgery

  • Individuals with persistent and disabling pain
  • Cases where the exact source of pain can be determined such as a herniated disc, scoliosis, or spinal stenosis
  • Cases where conservative management such as physical therapy, pain medication, or bracing fails to provide any relief
  • Osteoarthritis with bone spurs (over grown bone) on spine
  • Symptoms are caused by compressed nerves in spine

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Types of Spine surgeries

  • Diskectomy: It is the surgery to remove all or part of the herniated disk.
  • Foraminotomy: It is the surgical procedure that is done to widen the opening in back where nerve roots leave spinal column.
  • Laminectomy: Surgical procedure that involves removal of the lamina or bone spurs in the spine. Surgery aims to release the pressure off spinal nerves or spinal column.
  • Laminotomy: The procedure that involves removal of a portion of the vertebral arch (lamina) that covers the spinal cord.
  • Spinal fusion: The procedure in which two or more bones are fused together in back to correct problems in spine. It relieves pain by adding stability to a spinal fracture.
  • Kyphoplasty: The procedure performed to ease the pain caused by spinal fracture.
  • Spinal Disc replacement: The surgical procedure that treats specific type of back pain by replacing injured disc with an artificial one.
  • Minimally invasive back surgery: A procedure performed through small incisions to treat spinal disorders.

Post-surgical benefits of Spine surgery

  • Relieves irritation and inflammation of a nerve
  • Relieves nerve pressure
  • Relieves pain
  • Eliminates painful motion between vertebrae
  • Improves mobility

Authored by Dr. Shyam Sundar K

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