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    Spinal cord surgery is a very complex field with complex instrumentation that accounts for more than 50% of neurosurgical procedures.  It includes various types of spinal decompressive and reconstructive surgery. 

    Indications for Spinal Cord Surgery

    Spinal cord surgery can treat various disorders including: 

    • Cervical, thoracic, and lumbar disc disease 

    • Spinal cord tumors

    • Spinal cord injuries

    • Spinal cord compression resulting from trauma

    • Arthritis of the spinal discs

    • Spondylosis 

    • Craniocervical junction anomalies

    • Fractures

    • Degenerative spinal diseases

    Various types of Spinal Cord Surgeries 

    • Minimally invasive spinal surgery

    • Implantation of deep brain stimulators, spinal cord stimulators, peripheral stimulators and pain pumps

    • Morphine pumps for benign pain

    • Baclofen infusion pumps for spasticity

    • Computer guided spinal surgery

    • Vertebroplasty  

    • Kyphoplasty

    • Spinal fusion

    • Discectomy

    • Disc Replacement

    • Foraminotomy

    • Laminectomy

      Every patient is different and requires different procedures. Your surgeon is the best person to decide the type of procedure that will give you best results and improve your condition. 
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    Dr Shyam Sundar K

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