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Epilepsy caused by tumors or malformations of blood vessels

Epilepsy is a brain disorder characterized by repeated seizures or episodes of uncontrolled, involuntary and abnormal movements of body parts, over time.

Causes of epilepsy

Although there is not fixed cause of epilepsy and it can be idiopathic (without any reason), but there are some causes that are considered to be reason behind epilepsy. (Please see Epilepsy section on this website)Epilepsy caused by small tumors or malformations of blood vessels

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Patients of brain tumor often suffer from seizures that may represent:

  • Onset of symptom or
  • May appear during the course of the disease
  • Sign of brain metastases due to other organ tumor

Epilepsy classification

  • Partial (simple or complex) seizures
  • Repeated complex partial seizures can cause a non-convulsive epileptic state that may result in confusional state, automatisms or behavioural modifications

Treatment of Epilepsy caused by tumors or malformations of blood vessels

When epilepsy occurs due to pressure on brain caused by tumor or due to malformation of a blood vessel, the choice of antiepileptic drugs is challenging. It is because this type of epilepsy is often drug-resistant and has a strong impact on the quality of life. That is why a customized treatment plan is required for every patient that covers following aspects:  

  • Medical therapies (pharmacological, surgical, radiological, etc.)
  • Management of pharmacological therapies as concurrent use of antiepileptic drugs (AEDs) and chemotherapy (CT) drugs can cause drug interactions effects
  • Emotional and psychological support for patient as well as the family 


Authored by Dr. Shyam Sundar K

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