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What Should I Avoid After Brain Surgery?

Date :30-Sep-2019

It requires tremendous will power and unaltered trust for an individual to undergo brain surgery. The surgery is usually done to correct any physical or structural abnormalities in the brain either caused by physical injury, congenital disability, or other disease. Based on the type of surgery performed the recovery period and hospitalization may vary. Along with the preoperative preparation, even post-operative care also makes a huge difference in the recovery period of individuals. Apart from the regular medications, there are certain dos and don'ts the patients have to follow to prevent further complications and lead a healthy normal life.

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Things To Avoid After Surgery

With time an individual who has undergone brain surgery will be able to perform all the daily activities with ease. The below mentioned list of activities should be avoided immediately after the surgery until the doctor confirms full recovery.

Driving – brain surgery will affect the individual's fitness to drive, and even patients are not encouraged to drive due to the high chance of seizures occurrence. Only a treating physician can confirm the distance and the number of hours an individual can drive.

Travelling – It depends on the type of surgery performed and aftercare required by the patient and the destination. Individuals who wish to fly should at least wait for 7-10 days.

Working – Going back to works depends upon the type of job an individual is performing.usually, it is recommended to take at least 6-8 weeks of rest before resuming work after the surgery.

Physical Activity – It is generally not recommended to lift heavy weights immediately after the surgery. After their physical therapy based on their progression, individuals will be instructed on their activity schedule. It is always suggested to gradually increase the activity level and not to cause too much stress and pressure on the body.

Walking Alone – during the initial days it is suggested to take someone along while walking as operated individuals may feel light-headed and get tired very quickly.

Unhealthy Foods – Even though diet has not played any role in brain surgery. It is recommended to avoid junk canned food and eat food rich in proteins to support the body's immune system and to maintain muscle mass.

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Pregnancy – In the case of tumor removal surgery pregnancy should be avoided during the radiation of chemo sessions as it will harm the fetus.

The above mentioned are only a few restrictions out of many that individuals should avoid after surgery. Only a treating surgeon can specify the dos and don'ts according to the type of surgery and overall health of the individual.

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