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Protect Your Head With Proper Head Injury Treatments

Date :07-Mar-2018

The head injury is considered as the trauma to skull, scalp or brain. It can also be the minor bump on the skull which requires head injury treatment. It can be either open or closed.

Head injury consists of:

  • Wounds in the scalp
  • Fracture of the skull etc....

Head injuries might also lead to bleeding in the brain tissues as well as the layers that surround it. Head injuries are most commonly happening in children.

What are the causes?

Some of the common causes of the injury include:

  • Falls
  • Accidents at work, home, outdoors or while playing.
  • Traffic accidents
  • Physical assault

Most of them tend to be minor as the skull protects the brain. Some of them are severe that needs significant treatment.

What are the symptoms?

Head injuries might cause bleeding in the tissues of the brain as well as the layers that surround it. Symptoms might occur right away or might come slowly after several hours.

If the skull isn’t fractured, the brain can also hit inside the skull which can get bruised. The head might look fine, but the problems could result in swelling or bleeding in the skull.

The spinal cord can also get injured if the case is severe. Some of the injuries cause changes in the function of the brain. It is called traumatic brain injury.

Signs of Head Injury

Get the medical help suddenly if the person:

  • Becomes sleepy
  • Behaves differently
  • Develops stiff neck and severe headache
  • Has pupils of different size
  • Is unable to move the leg or arm
  • Is unconscious
  • Vomits more than twice

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