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Causes And Treatments Of Brain Tumor

Date :24-Jun-2019

A human brain weighing only 1.5 kg is always an interesting subject for researchers. This organ controls all the functions of the body, interprets information from the outside world, and embodies the essence of the mind and soul. Intelligence, creativity, emotion, and memory are a few of the many things governed by the brain. This wonder organ is nothing less than a live supercomputer.

Now think, what happens when this supercomputer is infected with a malicious virus? It performs poorly, outputs never match the inputs given and all the actions become unpredictable if proper care is not taken. These same things happens when a brain is attacked by a tumor.

brain tumor treatment in chennai

A brain tumor can be defined as a mass or growth of abnormal cells in the brain. How quickly a brain tumor grows can vary greatly. The growth rate, as well as the location of a brain tumor, determines how it will affect the function of your nervous system.

The fearful factor about brain tumor is that it can happen at any age.

There are two types of brain tumors; primary brain tumors that originates in the brain itself and the secondary brain tumors that are the result of cancer that has started in any other part of the body.

Primary brain tumors originate from the central nervous system, a number of different cells in the brain, such as glial cells (glioma), astrocytes (astrocytoma), meninges (meningioma), or the pituitary gland (pituitary tumor).

Secondary brain tumors (metastatic) most often occur in people who have a history of cancer. But in rare cases, this brain tumor may be the first sign of cancer that began elsewhere in your body.

Secondary brain tumors are far more common in adults than in primary brain tumors. Breast cancer, Colon cancer, Kidney cancer, Lung cancer, Melanoma, etc. are the common types of cancers that can spread to the brain.

People often tend to get disappointed when they are diagnosed with cancer. They wander around in fear of life. This is when people like Dr. Shyam Sundar K and, one of the recognized service providers in the field of neurology extends a hand of faith to the patients. In his 11 years career, the number of lives he saved is uncountable.

His services extend from treatments for different spinal conditions to brain tumors, head injury and epilepsy etc.

Experts say that treatment for the person diagnosed with cancer starts with the word of providing comfort and confidence. Other treatments for this disease include surgical removal of part or all of the whole tumor, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and symptomatic therapy.

brain tumor treatment in chennaiA person undergoing treatment may feel exhausted and often confused or not as sharp as usual. They need to take very good care of themselves and need to take rest. After recovery, most of the patients might feel gradual improvement in their condition. This can only be maintained by the support and comforting atmosphere provided by the family. Mail us:
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