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How to get rid of Brain Tumor..

Date :23-Dec-2017

What is Brain Tumor?

The accumulation of abnormal cells causes tumor. Normally the cells die after some time and will be replaced by new cells but in the case of tumors, the cells won’t be replaced and ends up in the accumulation of unwanted cells. Primary brain tumor is a tissue mass which begins in the brain tissue. If a cancerous tumor starts elsewhere in the body and spreads to brain it is called secondary brain tumor.

The most common type of primary brain tumor in children is medulloblastoma, grade I or II astrocytoma, ependymoma and brainstem glioma. In adults astrocytoma, meningiom and oligodendroglioma are the most common types

Symptoms of Brain Tumor

  • Unexplained nausea or vomiting
  • Headaches
  • Vision problems, such as blurred vision, double vision or loss of peripheral vision
  • Difficulty with balance
  • Speech difficulties
  • Seizure
  • Gradual loss of sensation or movement in arm or leg

Treatment of Brain Tumor

Treatment options and recommendations depend on several factors like size, grade and location of the tumor. The treatment option includes surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

Surgery: This involves the removal of the tumor and neighbouring tissue. Surgery is recommended to improve neurological symptoms, to make other brain tumor treatments more effective, provide tissue for diagnosis, and improve the prognosis of a person with a brain tumor.

Radiation Therapy: It includes the use of high energy x-rays or other participles to destroy tumor cells and is used to stop or slow the growth of the tumor. This can be done along with chemotherapy or given after surgery.

Chemotherapy: It is used to destroy cancer with the help of chemical drugs by stopping the cancer cell’s ability to grow and divide.

Palliative care: It is a type of supportive treatment which focuses on reducing symptoms, improving the quality of life and supporting the patient and their families. Supportive care for people with a brain tumor includes drugs called corticosteroids that are used to lower swelling in the brain, lessens pain from the swelling, and improve neurological symptoms.

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Dr. Shyam Sundar K is an eminent name in the field of neurology. He is one of the best neurosurgeon in Chennai, Tamil Nadu

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